DIY – Home Wall Mount for TV

After buying a new TV for my living room, I got this 32-inch TV set in the corner of the house. In my room there is no TV, so I thought I’d put it on the wall, but I did not want to spend $ 30 on a stand in a department store.

I looked for several tutorials on the internet and found none of my liking or that I had materials easily accessible at home. I started looking at what I had in drawers and cabinets and found everything I needed to create a home support.

Let’s go.

You will need screws that you can put in the back holes of your TV and a piece of aluminum or iron. In my case I used a hook to hang towel that came in a bathroom kit that I bought through MercadoLivre during my construction.

I thawed him, drilled a hole with the same measurement of the TV so that it was firm and of the form below. Then I fixed it on the TV with the screws.

After the TV part is ready, you will need to prepare your wall to receive the TV, for this I used a pair of 6mm bushings and a pair of scapula (or L) screws.

I did the identification at the time I wanted with the help of a level and the result was like this.

Lastly, now it’s just add the TV on the stand.